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    We don't have any relationship with said agency. We have received a complaint that this agency is involved in malpractices and misusing the name and marks of the TNV and other agencies and issuing fake certificates using the name and marks of the TNV, IAS and IAF, which is fraudulent act and a violation of the right of the TNV; the client is advised not to deal with such organisation. TNV shall not accept any claim for the misconduct of the said company. Legal action is in process. Pending 21st Jan 2021
    This website is claiming in false manner https://int.cert.gqg-cert.com/#certificate and considered misleading. communication is in process. Pending 23rd May 2020
    3 Chinmay Education Trust make fake claim of Tie Up with TNV System and using Marks unfairly Fake Claim
    Chinmay Education making false claims on https://chinmayeducation2015.wordpress.com/2018/05/23/iso-certification-tie-up-with-tnv-systems-certification-p-ltd/ and claiming the false certification mark and quoting the name of the IAS incorrectly. Notice have been send to them. We have visited thier site and found that they are certified by ISO Certified by globally recognised DIC Global Certification Certificate No. 198597000001 and TNV dont have any relationship with DIC or Chinmay. Pending 20th May 2020
    4 Tri Nusa Verivi Indonesia Fake Claim
    Tri Nusa Verivi having its address at JL. Orchid 3 Orchid Park Residence Blok H 10, Periuk Tangerang HP/SMS/ WA : 082 117 393 203 email : indonesiatnv@gmail.com http://tnvindonesia.org/ claims to be TNV, while TNV System Certifictaion Pvt. Ltd. have no relationship with this company, please dont consider them as representative of the TNV and we exclude ourself from this company and its act. Pending 19th May 2020
    5 TNV Indonesia -Tangerang Misuse of Name and Logo
    We have been reported that website http://sertifikat-iso.com/ is cloning to the data of http://www.tnv-indonesia.com/ which is in voilation of the rule of the use of the marks and name. thier address is shown as Ruko Persada No 12 A, Jl. Prabu Kiansantang, Periuk, Tangerang and we declare that we dont abide with any act of this company. we have send Notice to respond for the voilation and submit a disclaimer that we dont have any relationship with this domain. investigation is under process. please visit the link http://tnv-indonesia.com/page/about-us where they are claiming that the are TNV System Certification Pvt. Ltd. which is false and public is advised not to rely on their claim. Resolved 19th May 2020
    6 TNV Indonesia Misuse of Name and Logo
    This is an unknown person who is using the name of the TNV and making false claim, when we tried to connect, they were not available. please note that this is fake webiste and we dont have any relationship with this. http://www.tnvindonesia.com/?i=page.index earlier Mr. Puji were using this domain, now when we have contacted, he said that he dont own this website. If any person report who is the owner of this domain, we shall reward them. please be aware and dont trust this website. Pending 19th May 2020
    There are misleading informaiton have been published on the website in respect of ISO Certification claim of GUWAHATI RAILWAY STATION on thier portal, discussion have been initiated with GUWAHATI RAILWAY STATION and this disclaimer have been made to clearify that TNV does nto outsource it audit and misleading informaiton is in process of removal. Pending 11th May 2020
    8 TNV Certification LLC Disclaimer
    TNV is seriously concerned over the increased number of scam cases brought to its attention regarding misuse of the name TNV by several companies which have no relationship but they are naming their entity with TNV to give false impression that they represent TNV. To save our client we hereby declare that we don’t have any relationship with TNV Certification LLC USA, TNV Certification LLC-Canada, T.N.V. Certification Pvt. Ltd.-Nepal and any deal with these companies shall not be considered valid/legal by TNV System Certification Pvt. Ltd. we hereby advise not to accept any offer or to make any payment on our behalf. We are not related to these entities in any manner and they don’t represent us. https://tnvcert.com/about-us/about-us Resolved 10th May 2020
    9 tnv.co.id
    Earlier tnv.co.id was claiming to be partner of the TNV, we have filed case and thereafter site was deleted and we have verified the site is not working, history of the data is as following: https://web.archive.org/web/20180805042912/http://www.tnv.co.id/tentang Now this site is inactive and not working. we hereby claim that TNV dont have any valid relationwhip with this company or domain owner. Resolved 10th May 2020
    10 www.tnv.co.id Fake Claim
    one company TNV Certification Indonesia was claiming to be partner of the TNV India, while we dont have any relationwhip with the company, we have taken action, therefore website was deleted and use of name is stoped. Resolved 1st May 2020