Right of Client




  • Right of Client (under process or Certified):

    1.    Right to know the rational for fees including Man-days, registration etc.

    2.    Right to know about Certification Body and Business associates (if any).

    3.    Right to know about certification process.

    4.    Right to accept or reject auditor for the assessment.

    5.    Right to get written report for the assessment conducted i.e. Stage-1, Stage – 2, Surveillance or any special audit.

    6.    Right to get finding of the assessment in writing.

    7.    Right to get certificate if recommended.

    8.    Right to appeal against the decision of the auditor.

    9.    Right to complaint against any violation or dissatisfaction.

    10. Right to give feedback to the certification body on platform like google map, Facebook etc.

    11. Right to know about process of the certification including initial, routine surveillance, special audit and conditions thereof.

    12. Right to know about accreditation status of the certification body.

    13. Right to get confirmation of the status of the certificate.

    14. Right to get certificate information on public platform like on the website of the CB: www.tnvgroup.org and IAF website: www.iafcertsearch.org