Renewal of ISO





    • The process of recertification would include a reassessment of the organization’s documented quality management system including a review of the Management System, where necessary, to be conducted before the expiry of three years term of validity. The recertification audits planned and conducted to evaluate the continued fulfillment of all of the requirements of the relevant management system standard or other normative document. The Renewal audit plan is verified to ensure that the majority of the audit time is given to verify the effective implementation of the management system in the locations where the organization’s activities takes place including on-site audits of temporary sites for OHSAS (OHSAS (In Management System Audit 80% of the audit time shall be given onsite).
    • The reassessment provides for a review of the past performance of the quality management system over the period of previous certification, including examination of the documents/records relating to the internal audits, management review and effectiveness of corrective and preventive actions, etc.
    • It is the responsibility of the person assigned ( of Lead Auditor status) to conduct the Reassessment  and submit the report. The team leader also ensures that any Technical Expert / Specialist are not allowed to function independently and are always accompanied by auditor/ lead auditor.
    • Re- certification audit shall be planned and conducted three months prior to the validity of the certificate to ensure continuity of certification in the likely event of any non conformance found during the audit. In the case of 9/6 monthly surveillance frequency the Re-certification audit can be clubbed with the Surveillance Audit.
    • The process of Re-certification is planned by the AM. Advance notice is sent to the client. If the client agrees for the recertification the sending Questionnaire, quotation and application review is done as per procedure no.P06. If there are changes like addition of new processes/services, regulatory requirement or new product/services addition or change of location or change of Top management Stage 1 audit is required to be conducted.Before proceeding to client site, the team leader shall review all the previous reports since certification audit/ last Reassessment by Performance Review and make a note of relevant points. The re assessment programme shall at least ensure the following:

    a)         The effective interaction between all elements of system & audit activities have a stage 1 audit in situations where there have been significant changes to the management system, the client, or the context in which the management system is operating (e.g. changes to legislation) as identified in the Application Questionnaire.

    b)         Overall effectiveness of the system in its entirety in the light of changes in operations

    c)         Demonstrated commitment to maintain the effectiveness of the system

    d)         Summary of Previous Audit Reports

    e)         Whether all areas/ processes/ clauses have been audited at least once in the last three year cycle

    f)         Any concentration of non-conformities against particular clauses/areas and effectiveness of corrective actions taken on nonconformities identified by TNV shall be closed within 15 days of recertification audit

    g)         Objectives and Continual Improvement

    h)         Whether the operation of the certified management system contributes to the achievement of the organization's policy and objectives.

    i)          In the case of multiple sites or certification to multiple management system standards being provided by the TNV, the planning for the audit ensure adequate on-site audit coverage to provide confidence in the certification.

    j)          Verify the OHS for the respective objectives and targets

    k)         Hazard Identification & Assessment Controls

    l)          Compliance towards Legal & Other requirement including customer requirements

    m)        Verify the OHS management systems at the temporary site

    n)         Verify the OHS management at the Multisite based on the Audit Program

    • Re Certification Audit shall be conducted, if the client applies for re-certification prior to expiry of certificate and there is no major change in client organization (legal, scope etc.). How-ever if the client applies for recertification after expiry date then stage I will also be conducted.
    • If NC is identified the Re-Certification audit the team leader shall ensure and communicate the client that the Corrective Actions and the evidences are provided before the expiry of the certificate.