Impartiality Statement




  • TNV shall have process to identified, analysed, Evaluate, Treat, Monitor and documented the possibilities for conflict of interests and risk related to conflict of interest arising from provision of certification including any conflicts arising from its relationships on an ongoing basis. However, if any activities or relationship creates a threat to impartiality, TNV shall document and eliminates or minimizes such threats / risk and document any residual risk also. TNV shall document, analysed and minimise or eliminate such threats which includes:
    • Weather this risk arises within the TNV?
    • Weather this risk arises from activities of other person, bodies or organization?

    Top Management of TNV review all residual risk to determine if it is within the level of acceptable risk. 

    TNV’s Risk assessment process includes identification of and consultation with appropriate interested parties* advise on matter affecting confidence in certification, including impartiality, openness and public Perception. The consultation with appropriate interested parties shall be balanced with no single predominating.

    During the risk assessment TNV identify and consult interested parties to take advise on matter affecting confidence in certification, impartiality openness and public perception: these interested parties may include TNV’s representatives, Certified Clients, Consumer of Certified Organisation, Representative of Industry Trade Association, Representative of Governmental regulatory Bodies or governmental Services, Representative of NGOs, Consumer Organisation, Environmental Specialist, Food Sector Specialist, Health Safety Specialist, Information Security Specialist, Health Sector Specialist.
    A relationship that threatens the impartiality of TNV can be based on ownership, governance, management, personnel, shared resources, finances, contracts, training, marketing and payment of a sales commission or other inducement for the referral of new clients, etc. TNV continually evaluate its relationship with any other organization, which may affect its impartiality. 

    TNV shall made this information available to the expert committee.