• TNV  is seriously concerned over the increased number of scam cases brought to its attention regarding misuse of the name TNV (with their name or in domain by several companies) with the intent to give the impression that they are TNV or Part of the TNV, which is accredited and comes in the legit framework of IAF recognition. But these entities may / may not be recognised therefore we warn our client to be aware.

    We understand the risk and we try to keep our client/user informed about any possible scam or fraud and we also intend to protect our trademark from any misuse, we use services of the top search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDUckGo,, AOL. Etc and review the conflict and misuse of the trade name at proper intervals, but we can't protect it absolutely due to time taken by web crawler to crawl the website and limitation of the search engine if robots are not allowed. To update our client about these people and agencies, we hereby declare that TNV System Certification Pvt. Ltd. having CIN number U74999UP2017PTC093178 which is a group company of TNV Certification Pvt. Ltd having CIN number U74900UP2011PTC046719 which was set up in the year of 2011 and has registered a trademark for India while trademark of TNV System is under process.

    We hereby inform that TNV System Certification Pvt. Ltd. is an independent entity, have no influence of any entity, agency, person in its certification process and is duly accredited by IAS.

    We have noticed following Scam:

    1.   Companies with Similar name: we have noticed that several companies have been registered across the world with the name TNV, please be informed that none are related to TNV except its disclosed in related party disclosure therefore we advise not to trust any such claim.

    2.   Companies with Similar Domain: we have noticed that several domain have been registered across the world with the name TNV, please be informed that none are related to TNV and domain id of the TNV System Certification Pvt. Ltd. is and we don’t have any other domain.

    3.   Companies claiming to be partner: there are several domain / people who claim to be authorised partner of the TNV, please note that we don’t have any partner in India and outside India any partner if they are working with TNV as business associates, their name need to be pre-verified before entering into any agreement with them. Disclosure of the partner is not given due to privacy of the data. For validation of authorised partner, you need to write to or

    4.   Companies claiming to offer easy certification: There may be some people who may offer easy certification or consultancy or consultancy with Auditing services, kindly note that these are malpractice and is not allowed to be carried out by the TNV. Any such entity proposing such offer is illegal and may be intended to cheat the client. Kindly don’t rely on any such offer. Please keep the TNV informed about any such practice, TNV respect such people who bought such issue in the knowledge of the TNV and we issue appreciation letter to such people. if you want, your identity may be kept separate unless required by law or accreditation board.

    5.   Companies claiming as Group companies: Please note that we don’t have any group companies who are authorised to do so, therefore is someone making any such claim, kindly do contact us at

    No relationship with entity (ies):

    We have received several inquiries from the entity inquiring if any of the following companies are group companies of TNV, we hereby declare that we don’t have a relationship with the following companies.

    1.   TNV Certification LLC-USA

    2.   TNV Certification LLC-Canada

    3.   T.N.V. Certification Pvt. Ltd.-Nepal

    4.   FrenchCert UK Ltd. (which was earlier known as TNV Certification UK Ltd)

     TNV is always committed to offer services that add value to our client, therefore, we offer only limited services / product, any false commitment of the unrelated person/agencies shall not apply to TNV and we detach ourselves from any such entity and their claim. Please apply your diligence and do the necessary research before entering into any agreement or hiring their services.

    Disclosure of the Related Party:

    Further we have identified following entity as related entity which is based on common Directorship, Shareholding or Founder common where our interest exists:

    1.   TNV Films Private Limited (U92412UP2015PTC072002)

    2.   TNV Certification Private Limited (U74900UP2011PTC046719)

    3.   TNV Healthcare Private Limited (U74999UP2017PTC093176)

    4.   Golden Jury Film Academy Private Limited (U74999MH2019PTC325360)

    5.   Guardian Assessment Pvt. Ltd. (U74999MH2018PTC307933)

    Brand always comes with risk of misuse and this leads to a risk when few people may intend to misuse Brand with Mala-fide intention and want to take benefit of the TNV brand established from the hard work of the years. This statement / declaration is given for the benefit of the public as awareness program.

    We further suspect if someone may ask you make partial transfer in the name of our company or in the name of any legitimate related entity, you are hereby warned not to make any transfer as we cant trace the user with the bank credit only. Please note that we accept only payment of the services in the respective companies only and we hereby inform you to please take prior confirmation before making any payment, if you want any clarification, please write in advance to the TNV System Certification Pvt. Ltd. at  please be informed that we don’t have any additional website except and advise you not to rely on any website which look similar to this.

    Remain safe and Happy,

    Pragyesh Singh


    TNV System Certification Pvt. Ltd.

    Lucknow, India